Ishiwata Tubing Catalog circa early 1980's
Front and rear covers.
Section 1. Frame tube sets index. Brazing notes. Chart explanation. Weight comparisons.
Ishiwata Full Set of CroMo Butted Tubes. 017 Record Breaker, 019 Glories Victory, 015 (α) Alpha, 022 Speed Gallant.
Ishiwata Full Set of CroMo Butted Tubes. 024 Ultra Strong, 025 Super Cyclist. Ishiwata Full Set of CroMo Butted Tubes FRANCH (French) TYPE. 017F Record Breaker, 022F Speed Gallant.
Ishiwata Full Set of Hi-Ten Tubes. 0245 Set, 0265 Set. Oval Butted Tubing Comp. All CrMo Tubes. (DBO) 020.
ISHIWATA analyzis the bicycle frame scientifically. We developed an unique tubing,
on which an ideal stress-distribution are loaded, and less flexibility which increase
the motive power. 0 2 0 are an unique products, oval butted tubing and taper gauge
stays. See bellow fig. (sic)
Oval Butted. Taper Tubing Group. (editors note: this is not aerodynamic tubing. If you look closely at the diagrams, you will see that the butt is differentially located.)
Tandem Tubing Set. Full Set of CrMo tubes.
CFRP An Explanation of Carbon Fiber Epoxy - Resin Composite Material. In Japanese.
CFRP An Explanation of Carbon Fiber Epoxy - Resin Composite Material.
ISHIWATA has developed new material for bicycle f r a m e tubing. The CFRP have a high-potential performance, s t r e n g t h and r i g i d i t y which excel the performance of steel tubing. A f a c t o r of bicycle frame tubing are high potencial fatigue, less f l e x i b i l i t y and light weight. and we demand the process t o build up a bicycle f r a m e are simple and pasitive w o r k . Brazing process of the steel tubing were f i x e d but this process spoils the perf o r m a n c e of steel tubing by heating, in ordinary a v e r y thin steel tubing have more f l e x i b i l i t y , I SHI WATA produces 0 1 5 , 0 . 6 / 0 . 3 5 double b u t t e d tubing, i t ' s a boundary to use the tubing for bicycle f r a m e , which f l e x i b i l i t y are 6 0 % of our 0 2 2 0 . 9 / 0 . 6 Double butted tubing. The CFRP t u b i n g user who can got agood s p o r t i n g bicycle which are s t r o n g and light weight, because the CFRP bears up against 4 7 k g / m m 2 of fatigue which are double score of Cr-Mo steel tubing, (see bellow fig.) and the CFRP has t he oscillation-damping w h i c h keep a rider f r om v i b r a t i o n . The CFRP tubing are sueted for raod and t r a k racer. ISHIWATA has defined the process t o builed up t h e bicycle f r a m e by s t a r c h. The CFRP bicycle f r a m e are produced and sold by ISHIWATA.
Charts comparing CrMo to CFRP. In Japanese.
Carbon Fiber Tubing Set. AL-Alloy Tubing Set. Lugs for CFRP and AL-Alloy Frame.
Carbon Fiber Frame. AL-Alloy Frame. Mini Cycle Tubing.
Section 2. Butted Tubes and Taper Tubes.
While bicycle are moving, at the frame tubing the strain apper proportionaly the stress. When the strain over the fatigue strength limit, frame tubing are damaged. The value of the strain are vary with materials, volum and forming. However the stress loades section is limited to the near of joint. ISHIWATA butted tubing endure that extremity stress. End of tubing are thicken, and to get the light weight tubing, central of tubing are thin. Please you choice a double or single butted tubing for your design or formation.
Single Butted Frame Tubes. Butted Steering Columns.
Fork Blades. Includes rakes and end form options. Chain Stays. Includes Flute, Flute and Indent, and Round Oval Round.
Seat Stays. Includes top end forming and end forming options.
Section 3. Front Forks. Model 255 Road type.
ISHIWATA produce the Front Fork 2 5 0 , 0 0 0 - 3 0 0 , 0 00 pes./month. In this section we introduce our special hand-made forks. Our another products model are for child, mini, and lightweight.
Forks. Model 252, track type. Model 235, touring type. Model 245, road type. Model 225, touring type.
Section 4. Fork Crowns and Covers.
Fork Crowns models: 555, 565, 525,512, 535, 514, 515. Models 501, 503, 504, 508, 505, 805, 801, 802, 804, 807.
Section 5. Fork and Stay ends. Models 700, 600, 702, 603, 713, 610, 703, 602, 714, 612. Models 705, 706, 707, 604, 607, 708, 608.
Section 6. Seat Pillars. AL-alloy pillars-63S, Low carbon steel, and CrMo pillars.
Section 7. Head Fitting Set (headsets). Gallant-RD1 (steel) and Gallant-TR1 (alloy).
Section 8. Frame Fitting Parts (braze-ons). Derailleur stops and guides, Caliper brake internal guide parts, parts for aft triangle (seat pin bosses), seat topper (chainstay plugs), and brake bridges and reinforcements.
Parts for front fork. Tongues (fork stiffeners), cantilever bosses, dynamo mounting brackets, and other miscellaneous parts.
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