Hello and Welcome to my second year of posting some of my photography from the First Union/USPRO Cycling Championship held in Philadelphia on June 9, 2002.
This year's batch seems to be very good, with a wide variety of riders and at many places on the course that we don't often see. I hope that you will find them interesting as well.
For the tech folk out there, everything was shot on a twenty year old Canon F1 that is slowly falling apart. (The shutter release came apart early in the race, but I managed to fix that.) Manual focus with a 300mm Tamron, 50mm f1.2 Canon FD, and 24mm f2.8 FD. For the first time, I did not shoot Kodachrome and used instead some Ektachrome 200 and Fuji 800 print film. Scans were done on a Minolta QS-35 and moderate touch-up (mostly color) done with Photoshop.
You are most welcome to save any of the images on this site for own personal use (i.e. wallpaper, sending to friends, etc.) and should you want a larger one, please e-mail me with your requirements and I will try to get something to you. If you are interested in using any of this work for a commercial use (advertising, editorial, journalistic, et al.), contact me to discuss obtaining licensing information. If you are interested in some of my other work you can either click my name on the header or here to go to my portfolio page. If you wish to view last year's shots, click here.
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