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The creator of the Bicycle Info Project. Dedicated to scanning hundreds of old bicycle catalogs for restoration work, research, and general bike curiosity.

Gone but not forgotten. . .

Happy Thanksgiving.AA Just another day for me as we do the turkey thing on Saturday to accommodate the out of towners.AA I used to go on a fun ride thatAAa friend of mine, Dan used to host.AA Off road in … Continue reading

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Sorry. . .

. . . but I had to do it.AA I turned on ‘hot link’ protection on my site.AA This means that if you want to display any of the literature from the Bicycle Info Project site without linking, the image … Continue reading

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1985 Motobecane Catalog

AA. . . has been added to the Bicycle Info Project.AA Pretty slim, with only 4 bikes in it.AA I don’t think that Motobecane lasted much longer in the US after that.AA I know that the Motobecane name is around … Continue reading

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New Stuff

I’ve added catalogs by Scapin, Riggio, and Torpado recently.

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My History. I bought my first real bike in 1974 with money earned at my summer job.AA A Dawes Galaxy; 531 main frame, 23 1/2 inch, dark green.AA I rode it so often that I ‘forgot’ to get my driver’s … Continue reading

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