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. . . but I had to do it.AA I turned on ‘hot link’ protection on my site.AA This means that if you want to display any of the literature from the Bicycle Info Project site without linking, the image won’t display.AA I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while but the bandwidth was within reason and almost always, the poster told of where he got the images from.AA But yesterday I found a London fixed gear site displaying almost all my Reynolds ephemera without nary a ‘thanks, mate’ or link back to my site.AA Over a thousand views were recorded and that is a lot of bandwidth (which is what I pay for).AA I have found most folksAAare kind about links and usage of material.AA I’m not too uptight about it; after all, I didn’t produce it, I just post it, but aAAlot of what I have is one of a kind and I’d like folks to know from whence it came.

About Bobby Sapovits

The creator of the Bicycle Info Project. Dedicated to scanning hundreds of old bicycle catalogs for restoration work, research, and general bike curiosity.
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