Gone but not forgotten. . .

Happy Thanksgiving.AA Just another day for me as we do the turkey thing on Saturday to accommodate the out of towners.AA I used to go on a fun ride thatAAa friend of mine, Dan used to host.AA Off road in Pennypack park.AA Always a lot of fun, but I have not done it in years.AA Come to think of it, I’ve not been on my mountain bike for probably two years.AA God, I’m old.
I finally fixed my behemoth of a scanner, a Umax 2100XL.AA It’s old. It’s slow.AA But is has a huge bed and the color is better than anything else I’ve used.AA To test the rebuilt scanner I just posted an old brochure that I had of New England framebuilder, Peter Ouellette from the mid to late seventies.AAAA Pretty bikes with ornate lugwork.AA I especially like his springloaded fender mount shown on page two that allows easy rear wheel removal while keeping a tight fender line.AAAA While I’m sure that is has been previously done by others, it’s the first time I had ever seen it.
An acquaintance of mine, Fred, has a later model that some may find interesting.AA Apparently it was made to circle the globe several times.AA Find it here.

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