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I get a lot of email about my site, most of it looking for some more specific information.AA Every once in while, though,AAa request comes along that I have no idea how to answer.AA I received one the other day from a Mr. Pratt in New Zealand asking about the Fiorelli brand name.AA He was wondering if the nameAAmight be available for him to use on his own brand of bikes.AA I’m clueless and curious.AA If the bike has not been in production for a certain amount of time, can one claim the name and use it?AA Does the name have to be copyrighted (or the equivalent in other countries) and if it is not, can someone else use it?AA In any event, he wrote me a nice email and seems a decent enough fellow that I told him I’d post it up here and see if any of my readers might have a clue.AA Particularly those in Italy who might be able to direct Mr. Pratt to the correct agency to find out.AA If you find something and don’t want to make it public, just send me an email and I will forward it to him.AA Grazia.

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