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As I’m sure many of you have noticed, the Bicycle Info Site contains a wealth of knowledge about steel tubing.AA One of the reasons for this is that I once thought of becoming a framebuilder.AA I built about a dozen frames and some stems from around 1985 til about 1995.AA The name I used was Equus Cycle Frames.AA Equus is Latin for horse and I felt that horses, like bikes, came in several different versions.AA Thus the Thoroughbred was the race frame, the Appaloosa was the all round frame, The Percheron was the touring frame, and the Mule was the off road frame.AA I made racing, touring, and off road, both lugged and lugless in Columbus, Reynolds, True Temper; and even a frame made from Carpenter’s Aermet (the grandpa of all the new air hardened steels).AA I never had the tenacity or capital to make it a full time gig.AA In the beginning, I offered people a frame for $300.AA (This is after I had built a couple for myself.)AA I had one taker.AA Over the years I built a couple of more for myself and got a few commissions (also for dirt cheap), but never had people screaming for a custom frame.AAAA I never quite figured it out.AA I thought that a lot of folks would be willing to try someone new out for such a low price.AA I would.AA But it never happened.AA I know that one reason is location.AAAA Philly has a lot of cyclists, and all of them ride cheap bikes.AA Not necessarily garbage, but old is good, used is good,AA and a closeout is something very special to cherish forever.AA After seeing cyclists and talking to shop rats in other parts of the country, I realize that this area is always going to be low to middle end.AA Heck, even the homeless people in Boulder ride a Trek.AA
Still, I’m glad I did it.AA Now that I’m older and have more room and time, I think about trying again, but my wife is not keen on the idea.AA She works for an insurance company.AA I still ride the second frame I ever made (a touring frame named Leah that clocks in at over seven pounds without the fork and has 19 inch chainstays) and my first "go fast" frame.AA While I have not built any frames recently, I kept all my tooling.AA Hopefully my daughter wants one.AA I’ll give her a great deal.

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The creator of the Bicycle Info Project. Dedicated to scanning hundreds of old bicycle catalogs for restoration work, research, and general bike curiosity.
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