Parlez vous LOOK?

Excuse my french but I just put up a 1988 LOOK catalog.AA Remember the Mondrian years?AA Ah, mais oui.AA It’s a big glossy book, great printing.AA Those must have been some good years for LOOK.AA It has the usual lineup of pedals and shoes, and two carbon frames (a road and a mountain).AA Was this the first year they offered carbon fibre?AA I doubt it, but it’s the oldest reference material that I have from them.AA Also inside the front cover is a big splash about a carbon crankset.AA I don’t think it ever was produced, but again, I did not have a lot of customers that used their equipment.AA( The cycling industry has a history of vaporware just like the software industry.AA My favorite is the Shimano Dura-Ace TENAAroad group which I will discuss at some future time.)
I, like many other ugly americans, have a bad habit of railing against French design and engineering.AA Citroen, Eclair; great stuff that breaks.AA A lot.AA Yet I have to give a big french kiss to LOOK.AA I have about six pairs of their pedals from many different years and all of them work.AA Never had one fail on me.AA I’ve used cleats that you could see through and could still click in and out with ease.AA Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a broken one.AA And they have not changed the design!AA I can still get cleats.AAAA C’est miracle!

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The creator of the Bicycle Info Project. Dedicated to scanning hundreds of old bicycle catalogs for restoration work, research, and general bike curiosity.
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