Shimano Dura-Ace Brochure from 1985
The introduction of SIS.A Shimano Indexing System.A It had been done before, by Suntour a few years prior, but Shimano really made it their own.A I remember the complaints I heard from back then. My favorite?A "The clicks will tell your competitor what you are doing."A Didn’t bother me.A I never raced.A This is the gruppo that I feel really brought the Dura-Ace line together.A It was cohesive and attractive, without the "sqeezed in the vice" look of AX, the nuttiness of EX, or the copycat qualities of the earliest Dura-Ace/Titlist.A I’ll admit it;A I’m an unabashed fan of DA and still ride a bike with the first eight speed group.A And with prices the way they are, I’ll probably be riding it for quite a while into the future.

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