Wolber Super Champion and the Sugino Tension Disc

The Wolber brochure is mostly tires but does have the Super Champion rim line as well.A Perhaps the most interesting item that merits the "what the hell is that for?" prize is the Mixte rim.A This rim could accommodate both clinchers AND tubulars.A Sounded pretty neat when launched but after thinking about it a while, what purpose did it serve?A For all the time and effort it takes to mount a tubular, it’s not worth it to use as a combo race/training rim.A Granted, if you destroy a tire in Outer Godknowswhere, and only have access to one kind of tire, you’ll be thankful for it.A But how often does that happen?
On the other hand, the Sugino Tension Disc was pretty cool.A I only saw one in my bike shop life.A Aero for wheels make some sense if you are time trialing/racing.A This was a little bit more economical than a full disc from Mavic or HED, but Athere were nylon covers at the time that did the same thing (‘tho not UCI legal).A So the Tension Disc kinda fell in the middle.A AI do wonder how hard it was to have built up into a full wheel and how durable it was.A Did it go out of true a lot?A I don’t know, maybe someone who had/has one will chime in.

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  1. Patrick says:

    I have an old Sugino Tension Disc road wheel. I’ve been trying to find out some info about it, mainly what it’s worth. So far, I haven’t had much luck!

  2. I doubt that it is worth very much, but it’s nice to see that there still is one in existence! Thanks for writing.

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