Locked Out

Always check your SQL version before an upgrade!A Locked myself out when I upped to WP 2.9.2 and because I’m on a shared server, my provider would not upgrade the SQL to work.A C’est la vie.A At last I figured out how to downgrade so I could access my posts.A And delete all the spam.A Amazing.A Almost 200 comments.A Only one was valid.A Hello, Hello, anyone home?
In any event, while I have not added any new content to the Bicycle Info Project, I have (as in past years), put up my photographs of the TD Bank/International Cycling Championship.A You can view the 2010 race here.A Or you can view previous years here.
It’s hard to believe that the race is 26 years old.A I’ve been to all of them.A (I even saw a lap or two in 1999 when my oldest was in the hospital at CHOP.)A When I first started back in the eighties, three or four of us would head down with the Sunday paper, some lawn chairs, and a cooler full of beer and hang out at The Wall.A No guard rails and you could walk easily up and down the street.A Now, I only go for the first lap as it has turned into the annual block party for Manayunk.A As the years went by, I began to ride down with people from the shop I worked at.A Always took pictures, but got more serious about it around 2000.A I then started to post the shots on the web and sent out blurbs to Velonews, and others to try and hawk one or two for publication.A Nada.A In all the years I have shot and displayed, I managed to sell one shot.A Robbie Ventura bought an image of himself coming into the corner in 2001(?) and used it on his coaching site.A Nice guy.A Shot on film as well.A Even had an interneg made so he could get a couple of prints for his folks.A Hope it is still hanging somewhere in the den.A I also got a nice note from a dad of one of the racers who could not make it who was thrilled to see a great shot of his kid.A Sent him a full size gratis.A You gotta love a proud parent.

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