Suntour 1979 Catalog
I finally got my UMAX working with Windows 7 (x64) and took her for a test run by finally scanning this old Suntour catalog.A There are some interesting tidbits in this one, but one big problem; the catalog is almost entirely in Japanese.AA If anyone is brave enough to attempt translating, please let me know.A Gratitude is all you will receive.A
Remember the early days of BMX?A Anodizing!A Blue, red, and gold.A Suntour has some early examples of that in this catalog.A The "Hole Shot" two speed set up of BMX is in this as well.A I vaguely remember one or two kids using it, but it never caught on at the track.A Also of note, the "Mighty Click" system.A I don’t recall seeing this on any bikes here in the US, but from what it looks like, it is an early version of indexing.AA Ultra-6 chains and Ultra freewheels show up in here as well.A I remember them well when I was in college.A Broke not onlyAa bunch of chains, but several freewheel cogs as well.A It was at this point that I decided that Suntour was too "lightweight" and began migrating over to Shimano.A But in hindsight, the Superbe is, well, superb!

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