Hard steel and stuff from Spain

A couple of new pages at the BIP.A Firstly, a bunch of material about Carpenter Technology’s Aermet 100 steel alloy for bicycles (and landing gear).A Man, did I get a hard one when this stuff came out.A It was 1994 and aluminum and titanium were pretty much the bee’s knees for frames.A Carpenter found a way to mill Aermet into tubing and make it braze-able.A No butting, 0.5mm from one end to the other.A I ordered some and built myself a new road frame.A I used Hank James’ mountain lugs and built it inAa ‘compact’ style.A Super hard, my files would not scratch it and I used grinding wheels to mitre the tubes.A End result was a 3.5 pound frame that my 250 pounds could ride.A Well, for a while.A After about a year I got a creak and discovered a crack in the seat tube where the front derailleur clamped onto it.A The tubing was so thin that the clamp deformed it just enough to cause trouble.A I replaced that with another aerment tube but with a ‘ring’ of chrome-moly pushed into the bottom to reinforce that area.A Did the trick.A I put a few thousand miles on it but then one of the chainstays rusted through (non-aermet) due to my lack of frame prep after the build.A Someday I’ll fix it.
I consider Aermet to be the grand-daddy of today’s high strength steel tubing like 853 an OX from True Temper.A I think that Carpenter had hoped to sell this technology to a bike tubing manufacturer.A They only made small amounts in an experimental mill.A I never saw very many frames made of it.A I think Bilenky played around with it for a tandem, but my memory is hazy.A

Zeus.A Or the Spanish Campy.A I have put upAa ZeusAcatalog from around 1985 that has their groups plus a bunch of other odd stuff in it.A I remember seeing my first Zeus bikes back in the seventies.A They seemed to be a lot of bike for the money.A The Zeus components were a blatant copy of Neuvo Record, but for a few dollars less.A Someone in Philly must have done well in selling them as I used to see a large group of African-American riders at the club rides on them.A We referred to them as the "Zeus Guys".A I remember doing a century around ’75 or ’76 and riding on River Road just north of New Hope.A The road back then was horrible, narrow and filled with pot-holes.A Rain was coming down in torrents and I was with one of the Zeus Guys.A The weather and the road were so bad we rode down the center of the lane to avoid the pot-holesAnear the shoulder.A We would build up a line of cars and every once in a while someone would honk.A We’d both turn and glare and that would settle matters.A Between the two of us, we must have totalled around 45o# and over 6′ 3″ apiece.

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