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Subject: Tenax tubing

Attempting to find info on this tubing used on my Premis. Is this
abbreviated in any way in this listing?

63 cm frame weight around 2340 grs. Be interested to find what size
frame is used for weight reference.. can not find that online.


Jay in Wis.
Jay in Wis.,
Tenax is not exactly a "Columbus Tube Set". Manufacturers like Schwinn (and Bianchi, and others) would often go to a tubing maker and get a specific tube set drawn for them. They could put their own name on it that way to acquire a certain 'cache'. In most cases it was just marketing hype. While the Premis is a fine bike (I sold them), the tubing contained in it is most likely very similar to either Aelle or Cromor. The only way to know for sure is to hacksaw the bike into pieces and measure the wall thickness. I'd rather you ride it instead (if summer ever arrives in your frigid parts). Thanks for your note and visit.

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