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Subject: Bottecchia

Would anyone know how I can find out more about an oval tubed frame, steel, Bottecchia? Even the seat post is Oval.

Please pardon my late reply. Ovalized (or Aero) tubing was all the rage for a brief moment in the early eighties. None of my literature shows a 'dedicated' Columbus set being available, but the fad was so short lived, it could have existed. My guess is that because Bottecchia is a fairly large builder, they could have had a proprietary set made by Columbus (or Dedaccia, or Reynolds, or whomever) for this model. Try to find a catalog for this bike. I'd guess 1981 give or take a year. I would also seek out a Bottecchia newsgroup and see what you can garner from them. Take good care of the seatpost, that is the most difficult part to find these days. Thanks for your note and visit.

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