Seeking info - Fantini frameset

I received a nice note from Vic in South Africa. An alter kaker like myself, he wanted to know if I ever heard of a frame called "Fantini". I figured it was your typical Italian frame, but when he sent pics, it became clear that this was a little out of the norm. I asked where he got it and his reply,

"I bought the frame at Eroica Britannia (England, in June this year), for about US $250, from an Irish guy. He had it labelled as a 1989 Fantini, that’s all I know. I liked the frame and had never heard of the name, so, sucker that I am, I bought it!!"

Check out the front brake arrangement. Perhaps the oddest arrangement that I’ve ever seen. Also note the internal gear cables and the nice job done on the rear dropout attachment. If anyone can provide some further info, please post it to the blog and let’s help out the brother.

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  1. Bob Hennessy says:

    Fanini (Fantini?) frames were built by a German-Canadian mechanic/machinist at a Volvo marine engine repair-installation facility on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. Carl Fanning, I think, was the guys name. I know he was building from late 70’s to early 80’s at least. He’s probably most famous in South America where he donated race bike builds to Chilean Team maybe others.

  2. Emil Kostovski says:

    Its a frame maker from Ferrara in italy named Bruno Fantini. Local frame maker Who passed away 10 years ago or so. Colombus Steel and lots of details.

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