Gone but not forgotten. . .

Happy Thanksgiving.AA Just another day for me as we do the turkey thing on Saturday to accommodate the out of towners.AA I used to go on a fun ride thatAAa friend of mine, Dan used to host.AA Off road in Pennypack park.AA Always a lot of fun, but I have not done it in years.AA Come to think of it, I’ve not been on my mountain bike for probably two years.AA God, I’m old.
I finally fixed my behemoth of a scanner, a Umax 2100XL.AA It’s old. It’s slow.AA But is has a huge bed and the color is better than anything else I’ve used.AA To test the rebuilt scanner I just posted an old brochure that I had of New England framebuilder, Peter Ouellette from the mid to late seventies.AAAA Pretty bikes with ornate lugwork.AA I especially like his springloaded fender mount shown on page two that allows easy rear wheel removal while keeping a tight fender line.AAAA While I’m sure that is has been previously done by others, it’s the first time I had ever seen it.
An acquaintance of mine, Fred, has a later model that some may find interesting.AA Apparently it was made to circle the globe several times.AA Find it here.

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Sorry. . .

. . . but I had to do it.AA I turned on ‘hot link’ protection on my site.AA This means that if you want to display any of the literature from the Bicycle Info Project site without linking, the image won’t display.AA I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while but the bandwidth was within reason and almost always, the poster told of where he got the images from.AA But yesterday I found a London fixed gear site displaying almost all my Reynolds ephemera without nary a ‘thanks, mate’ or link back to my site.AA Over a thousand views were recorded and that is a lot of bandwidth (which is what I pay for).AA I have found most folksAAare kind about links and usage of material.AA I’m not too uptight about it; after all, I didn’t produce it, I just post it, but aAAlot of what I have is one of a kind and I’d like folks to know from whence it came.

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1985 Motobecane Catalog

AA. . . has been added to the Bicycle Info Project.AA Pretty slim, with only 4 bikes in it.AA I don’t think that Motobecane lasted much longer in the US after that.AA I know that the Motobecane name is around again, anyone know the the most recent story of their resurrection?

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New Stuff

I’ve added catalogs by Scapin, Riggio, and Torpado recently.

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My History.
I bought my first real bike in 1974 with money earned at my summer job.AA A Dawes Galaxy; 531 main frame, 23 1/2 inch, dark green.AA I rode it so often that I ‘forgot’ to get my driver’s license unti I turned 17.AA (Hormones might have helped in that decision as well.)AA Went to college, got a BFA in photography/film (now, there’s a useful major!) and after an unproductive start in the documentary biz, ended up running a small bike shop.AA That’s where all my stuff comes from.AA (I am an unabashed packrat; much to the chagrin of my spouse.AA I have the eyeglasses I wore in elementary school.)

I started the Bicycle Info Project about six years ago.AA At first it was an exercise to help me learn basic web coding.AA It was not long afterward that the emails started to come.AA "hey, do you have . . ?" or "thanks man, I’ve been looking all over for that!"AA So slowly, I have been scanning my collection of bicycle ephemera and posting it.AA At this point I get over 7500 visitors a month.AA I have to admit, I love hearing that I helped someone out; especially without getting grease under my fingernails.AA

I am slow in getting to this blog thingAA and at first, I thought that there was nothing to say.AA I realized that this may not be the case whenAArecently someone wrote me that I had gotten some information wrong on the website.AA I politely informed them that almost everything on the site was taken verbatim from the literature and that my opinion was not infused.AA Well, sometimes you just gotta call a Huffy crap.AA I just need a spot to do it.AA Welcome.

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