Welcome to my photographs of the USPRO/Wachovia Cycling Championship race held in Philadelphia on June 8, 2003. The race is 19 years old and that is how long I have attended it. I usually shoot every year but have only posted the results of the last two years. You can find 2002 here and 2001 here.
For the photo buds, this year I went digital. Using my first new camera in over 25 years, I made these with a Canon EOS 10D. Lenses used were the 17-40mm 'L' and the f/2.8 200mm 'L'. I also used a 1.4x telextender for some of the pics. Most were shot at ISO of 200 although there may be some at 100 or 400 sprinkled within.
Many of the closeups are filled in with a Vivitar 3900 flash. I use a tripod for all the long lens shots.
If you want to try and ID the riders, here is a link to the roster numbers.
As in the past, feel free to download and use any of these shots for you own personal use that is non-commercial. If you need a better quality image for a print or such, e-mail me with your requirements and I will try and get something out to you. And if you're interested in a commercial application for one these shots, then I am interested in talking to you.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you liked them.
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