Mavic Catalog 1984/1985
Front cover. This catalog is both in English and in French. Very high quality printing with heavy paper stock.
Table of Contents.
Interview de Bruno Gormand, P.D.G. de Mavic. (in French)
Interview with Bruno Gormand, Chairman of Mavic. (in English)
Interview continues. Photos of workers and plant.
Tubular rims (Jantes Polies pour Boyau). Sport 600, Speciale Sport, Montlhery Route, Montlhery Pro, Montlhery Legere, Piste.
Anodized rims (Jantes Anodisees) for both clinchers and tubulars. Module E2 Argent, Module 3D Argent, Argent 10, OR 10, Argent 8.
Hard Surface (Anodized) rims (Jantes Traitees Couche Dure) for both clinchers and tubulars. G 40, GP 4, GL 330, G.E.L. 280, CX 18.
Special Service Course (Jantes Special Service Course). Bleu SSC, Argent 12 SSC, and Paris-Roubaix SSC Grey (Grise).
Hubs (Les Moyeux). Road hubs 500 RD, and 550 RD. Sealed bearing designs.
Road hubs 580 CX and 510.
Track hubs (Moyeux Piste) and Sulky. 520 track, 580 CX track, and Sulky 540.
Handlebar (Guidon). Handlebar stems 370, 360, and handlebar Bend 350.
Brakes (Freins). 410 road brakes, Pro 420 brakes, and Super Pro 430 brakes.
Headsets (Direction). Headset 300 and 310. Cover page for cranks and bottom bracket section.
Cranksets (Plateaux Manivelles). Triple 635 and Double 630. Pedals 640.
Sealed Bottom Brackets (Boitiers de Pedalier). Bottom bracket unit 600 RD.
Bottom Bracket 610 RD. This is the Mavic BB that did not need threads to be installed. Often used as a repair for a stripped shell, it requires special tools to machine the frame. Cover page for derailleurs.
Front derailleurs (Derailleurs Avant). Models 810, 811, 812, 860 SSC, 861 SSC, and 862 SSC. Shift lever (Manettes).
Rear Derailleurs (Derailleurs Arriere). Rear derailleurs with adjustable chain guide models 851 and 801.
Gruppos (Ensembles). "Special Service Course" 1000, "Professionnel" 1010, "Route" 1012, and "Sport" 1013.
BMX (Bicross). Rims TTM 4 and TTM 4 CD. Hubs 560. Wheels TTM 504 and TTM 504 CD.
Tools (Outillage) and Maintenance (Entretien).
Practical Advices (Conseils Pratiques). Spoke lengths, Brake dimensions, Bottom bracket information for chamfering the frame for the 610 BB, and derailler specifications.
Address and contact information.
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